Apply to Qwant’s security and privacy fund
You recognize your users’ privacy and security is essential, and you need to prove you can be trusted? Apply to Qwant’s Security & Privacy Fund and have your services tested by the best hackers through a bug bounty program!


Each year since 2014, Qwant puts money aside to reward some of the best security hackers gathered during the bug bounty programs at the Nuit du Hack, in Paris. They receive money when they find vulnerabilities in our services. We’ve learnt a lot from this but now there are very few vulnerabilities discovered. So this year, we want to put this money into a shared Security & Privacy Fund that will benefit other companies and users, for free.


Qwant grants 10,000 euros into this Security & Privacy Fund, that will be shared to reward hackers who find vulnerabilities in participating companies, through the dedicated bug bounty platform by YesWeHack. We will share the fund with up to five companies that have common fundamental values with Qwant, and help them prepare and manage the bug bounty program:


Tools and services that help secure the transmission or hosting of data.


Tools and services designed to protect the privacy of internet users.


Tools and services designed to protect people's human rights and achieve sustainable development.


  • February 09

    Opening of applications

  • April 15

    Closure of applications

  • May 2


  • June 24


To participate

If you think your organization shares our values and could benefit from this shared bug bounty program, please fill in this form to apply to Qwant's Security & Privacy Fund. Explain what your services do, why you think you are entitled to participating to this fund, and what kind of help you’d like to receive.

Each submission will be reviewed for acceptance by Qwant’s security team and YesWeHack team.

Submissions must:

  • be written in English
  • Include product name, description (long / short), website if any
  • Include your potential previous security related experiences
  • Include how you will handle security fixes
  • Include your interests in security and privacy
  • Be less than 5Mo (PDF / ODT / TXT file)

Please be as clear as possible, and good luck to everyone! We look forward welcoming you into this Fund.